To give back,

I choose Shediac.


Company Description

The Town of Shediac is a tourist town that attracts thousands of visitors a year. She spends a lot of energy and time encouraging people to visit Shediac and all the attractions that can be found there. Without the slightest contradiction, the town of Shediac is very involved in its community; whether at the tourist level or at the community level, it focuses its efforts on ensuring that the city is welcoming and full of life.


  • Develop a secondary brand, related to its primary brand.

  • Create a brand identity in a transcendent and distinctive way.

  • Develop a strategy to encourage people to support local.

  • Reach a limited market.

  • Develop a web presence to increase awareness of the concept.

  • Cultivate a sense of belonging and mutual support.


The global pandemic has serious repercussions, that's for sure. However, it can also bridge the gap between local consumerism and global consumerism. The Town of Shediac, with this marketing campaign, wanted to support its local businesses and help them during these unprecedented times. The Town wanted to find a way to communicate with their local and surrounding communities how important it is to support local entrepreneurs; in short, how important it is to buy local.

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Creative solution

With the pandemic in mind, the overall strategy we built was based on how the sun will rise and the hope that life will return to normal. Naturally, people felt more disheartened and depressed during these times of misery and hope was slowly fading away. For this reason, we had focused on marketing efforts that would allow people to have hope and see that the sun will rise again. The first phase of this campaign was the development of a name and a brand identity that represents it, followed by a website. The second phase was focused on the production of videos. The first video was meant to introduce the campaign and tell people not to give up hope. Regarding the second video, an interview from the Mayor of Shediac that explained the economic impact of the pandemic and to highlight the importance of supporting local businesses; in fact, this is one of the goals of the campaign. Next, our team developed a series of videos, featuring local entrepreneurs, which again underscores the importance of supporting local businesses.