PRECISION COUNTERTOPS is one of the Maritime's foremost countertop and surfacing suppliers with the largest selection of products and services in the greater Moncton area. The rebrand was completed to emphasize the approachable and affordable character of the company, differentiating themselves from the "high-end" competition. The mark, a minimal geometric grid, abstractly portrays the initial "P", while also illustrating a simple L-Shape kitchen island.

Using the minimalist approach, we wanted to find a clever way to represent the letter W, the letter C, and the symbolic cabinet doors in the logo. The end result was a unique and simple way to communicate the essence of the brand to customers and to solidify Wildwood as a contemporary brand. 

When creating the brand imagery, it was necessary to define a suitable image style. That being said, with Wildwood establishing itself as a higher-end quality product, it made the decision easy to only produce high-quality images that strengthen the brand product. In collaboration with Christine O'Brien, a professional interior design photographer, a series of high-quality images of completed kitchens were captured.


At this stage, Peach Marketing was also asked to develop portrait headshots for Wildwood's design team.

Once the brand strategy and identity phases of the project were completed, Peach Marketing was also entrusted to complete the wireframing, design, and development of the new website. The new customer-oriented website was developed, which included an inspiration-based strategy with multiple completed projects. This way, potential clients could learn more not only about what type of projects the company is able to accomplish but also to get inspiration for their own projects. 

In anticipation of the rebrand launch, we also worked on a brand video that harnessed the new brand voice and brand identity.

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