What kind of

lobster are you?

Town of Shediac

The Town of Shediac, known as The Lobster Capital of the World, and known to be a "vacation paradise" in the summer months, was looking to take action and improve its total number of visitors during the tourism season. Peach Marketing was quickly approached to develop a campaign aimed to persuade vacationers to chose the warmth Shediac as their vacation destination. 

Peach Marketing, in collaboration with Big Bright Sun Communications, wanted to create a concept that would involve the consumer to play a fun and engaging role with the campaign. The outcome: an interactive quiz entitled "What kind of lobster are you?" that would navigate the user through a process to answer five questions and matching their quiz output to one of the 10 lobster theme persona landing pages. With each landing page designed specifically for the visitor, we created 10 specific videos that represent each persona along with the call-to-action "Explore attractions we found for you!" which leads to a database with multiple attractions for the user to start booking their vacation.

Step One.

Define target markets & create lobster personas

Step Two.

Persona video production

Step Three.


Web Development - Interactive quiz



Step Four.

Advertising - The campaign was promoted mainly through Social Media and Google Ads and resulted in incredibly high engagement metrics.