Marketing Challenge

The Annual Banquet of the Faculty of Administration of the University of Moncton is a well-known event in the New Brunswick business community. Nearly 500 business people and students travel annually to take part in this prestigious evening. As part of their 51st edition, the organizing committee contacted us in order to create a unique concept that would be able to highlight their sponsor of the evening, in addition to generating word of mouth on social media.

Our Solution

For the past 6 years, our team has been present at the Banquet to provide unique experiences to participants. For this 51st edition, we wanted to present a video concept that had never been experienced in the past, that would give the guests something different to share on social media.


The process

We worked with the sponsor of the evening to create what we now call the SpinCam 360 experience. By going on the platform, our camera was able to automatically rotate around the guests, creating a fully personalized “slowmo” video. , ready to be shared on social media.


The Result

Guests were able to watch and share their slow motion 360 videos on social media shortly after leaving the 360 video booth. Guest videos featured digital branding that included the theme of the party in addition to having the logo of the sponsors for recognition purposes.

  • Nombre de courriels collecté : 298

  • Nombre de vidéo Réalisé : 132

  • Impact sur les médias sociaux : 19,125 ( Social Reach)

  • Number of emails collected: 298

  • Number of videos Directed: 132

  • Social Media Impact: 19,125 (Social Reach)