Marketing Challenge

The World Wine & Food Expo is known as Atlantic Canada's largest wine and food event. The event organizers was on the verge of launching a new app to make it much easier for attendees to remember the wines they love during any of the Grand Tasting sessions. They approached our team to create an engaging campaign for the launch of the app and to craft a brand activation directly at the event that would be engaging for the attendees while creating social impressions.

Our Solution

We decided to focus our attention on video marketing in order to promote the new app. We interviewed the founder of the event where he would talk about the new product and the reasoning behind it. Once the video was finished we created a contest around the video where we would be giving away four tickets to the 28th edition of the World Wine & Food Expo including a dinner for 4 on the night of the event. The purpose of the contest was to create an engagement on the posts where we would benefit from an organic reach with our audience.

The event

Today, in the age of the selfie, photo marketing is more relevant than ever. People love taking pictures of themselves having a wonderful time and sharing these photos on social media. This is the reason we decided to re-create the Hollywood red carpet experience with an onsite photo concept. For this event, we created a luxurious and glamourous feel by rolling out the Red Carpet, Printed a custom 10x20 Backdrop with staggered logos of the event sponsors and installed our most technologically advanced photo booth.

In less than 20 Seconds, a group of up to 10 could get their photo taken and printed right on the spot. To gather data on the demographics, we installed sharing stations with a short survey to learn more about them. After the survey was completed, guests were automatically entered into a contest and posted their photos on social media.


The Result

The contest was a success with over 56,000 views, 1400 people tagged and 350 contest entries. Even more so our live concept drove engagement, word-of-mouth marketing and content generation. Guests didn't hesitate to spread photos of their experience on social media, generating thousands of impressions during the weekend.

  • 75,947 Social Media Reach,

  • 1605 Emails Collected ,

  • 2367 Photo Printed